beyond-usual-motorcycle2 2 of us from the UK went on a 7 day tour of Serbia, Bosnia and Montenegro. It was a very well organised motorcycle tour. Great accommodation, and fantastic local knowledge from Tosh (who led the tour).The hire bikes where of high quality , with plenty of luggage space. Great roads for motorcycling , with spectacular and varied scenery.
We have been on other motorcycle tours abroad , and we will definitely be going back to Serbia with this company.
Thoroughly enjoyed ,and highly recommended.
Sue and Kal
Worcestershire, United Kingdom

beyond-usual-motorcycle“I was on the last 7day tour, on the 13th of July 2014, it was a superb experience and my best ever made,
The roads are great for motorcycle riding, some are fast and curved, the others are narrow with lots of hearpins and tunnels, the way i like it:) The scenery, landscapes, lakes, old villages, villagers and national reserves were marvelous. the rented bike was brand new, plenty of luggage, and one of the best for such roads. Accommodation is well organized, to end your day in a relaxing way, mainly in mountain resorts.

To make it simple, It is a BEYOND USUAL motorcycle tour, that you must experience.
Thank you Mladen Tosh”
Alain M.

ron newton“I’ve travelled to more than 70 countries around the world, and ridden motorcycles through many exotic locations. Yet my brief tour in early April, 2012 through the Balkan nations of Bosnia, Serbia and Montenegro stands out as one of the best and most unique two-wheeled adventures I’ve done. Mladen Tosic(“Tosh”) started this company after returning to Serbia from seven years living in New Zealand. He is intensely passionate about motorcycling, and equally committed to providing foreigners with an experience of this part of the world that contradicts the lingering media depictions from the 1990s war. Point blank: the scenery(particularly through high mountain passes into Montenegro) is stunningly beautiful, the locals are extremely welcoming to foreign visitors, and you’ll enjoy the cachet of being in a place still considered “edgy”. Tosh compressed his usual week-long tour into five days for us, so we put on a lot of miles in very chilly weather–our fault for insisting on riding three weeks before the usual start of his touring season. Even then, the trip went flawlessly and the photo of riding through snow-covered mountain plateaus will be the cover shot on the trip album.
Set aside your preconceptions and go before the word gets out.”

Ron Newton

Edmonton, CANADA

ronanI would recommend Beyond Usual Tours to absolutely anybody looking to experience the joys of motorbike adventure in the Balkans. I joined the tour in September 2011 and the entire week exceeded my expectations.Tour Guide Mladen Tosic is a great character and  very easy going and knowledgeable about the history and geography of the area. The roads we travelled on I suspect not many Serbians have been on let alone westerners. Having said that the bikes used (Suzuki Freewind’s) were perfect for the terrain and were maintained in great condition. We had no mechanical problems in over 2000kms of travel. They are a very underrated bike and very economical in petrol also. All in all the trip was a fantastic experience. Perfectly tailored for individuals who wish to have a different sort of holiday but also perfectly suited to bike nuts who wish to ride as many miles possible. All will be pleasantly surprised at the variety of terrain in Serbia, Montenegro and Bosnia, that is fit in over the 7 days. It is hard to look beyond the price also. I would definitely say that it was the best value holiday I have ever been on in light of the breath of travel and the terrain experienced.

Ronan O’ Grady
Dublin, Ireland

toshimasaOur tour of Serbia, Montenegro, and Bosnia gave us experiences we will always remember. This forgotten part of the world has ancient forests, medieval monasteries, Roman ruins, mountain views, glistening turquoise rivers, mountain villages, and numerous World Heritage sites. Accommodations were unusual as well, including city apartments, hotels, and even a Serbian family home, which really gives insight into this land’s culture and people. The bikes were not brand new, but at this tour price, I would not expect nor demand it. Yes, believe the price! At present there are very few tours available in the this area. It is recovering from the strife of the 1990’s, and once this area is rediscovered, I have no doubt that tour prices will increase. The roads were almost always paved, sometimes narrow mountain roads, sometimes big sweepers! Watch out for baby pigs and cows in the mountain villages. Our tour guide, Mladen Tosic Tosh, made every effort to make us happy and was flexible and accommodating in every way. He has a great attitude and an endearing way of working with people. We have been on 4 star tours that cost considerably more, but did not necessarily provide such an intimate level of immersion in the land’s culture. Beyond Usual Tours truly lives up to it’s name!

Virginia LaPoint
Ohio, USA

The price for a 7-day tour in the Balkans seemed too good to be true.I’d been on several other tours in South America and Africa that charged at least twice that amount and often sometimes more.With some anxiety, I decided to join my friends on this new adventure to Bosnia-Herzegovina & Montenegro so booked my airline flights to Belgrade.Everything turned out well and the very helpful nature of our guide to be flexible to our desires played a big part.The hotels were good as were our meals and we never lacked enough daily riding miles.The bikes were older as can be expected, but still in good running order.And the long history in this area of southeastern Europe still amazes me.In retrospect, I can now more objectively compare this to other tours where much of the tour fee may have gone towards grand hotels, lavish meals and new bikes.If that is your desire, then so be it.I was perfectly happy with our tour as presented.

Toshimasa Tosh Konya
Troy, Ohio, Usa

nzIn 2008 I arrived in Serbia on business and thanks to Beyond Usual Motorcycle Tours was able to become familiar with the area and the people in the best possible way. Beyond Usual Motorcycle Tours provided all things needed  for one motorcyclist to enjoy.

Duncan Edwards, London, United Kingdom

I loved the tour. Most fun I’ve had on pavement in YEARS! Serbia is different to the country that you’ve heard about in the news.

David Jackson
London, United Kingdom

We could not have asked for a nicer “tour guide”. Tosh was not only a lot of fun to be with, but he provided us with some great information and tips to follow for the remainder of our trip. Also his passion for motorcycling is amazing. Many thanks.

Amanda & Ken Butterworth
Auckland, New Zealand