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Imagine going somewhere completely different this summer.  Motorcycle tour through the Balkans! During your tour through the cradle of Western  Civilization you’ll meet interesting people, experience their history and culture, feast on regional cuisine, enjoy traditional music, and ride twisting roads across a scenic landscape.

We will take you there!!!! We are multilingual motorcycle travel experts located in Belgrade and easily accessible by air and land. Our aim is to take you on a safe, scenic, and extremely memorable tour throughout the southeastern European countries of Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia, and Macedonia — countries whose roads we know by heart. So come and see them before they get flooded by tourists of all sorts. Our tours are all about seeing and doing things that most people will never do and many contain elements of challenge and improvisation. Being a small company means that we are able to meet your personal needs and provide individual attention!

We are proud to maintain a policy of not canceling a scheduled tour due to low bookings. Even a single rider will experience a complete tour and be treated the same way as a fully booked one.
We design our tours to be a complete experience, so riding days are well balanced and daily distances are planned to allow riders to explore additional places if desired, as well as taking part in other activities along the way. Also, there is no pressure on you to keep up with faster riders or constantly stay with the main group. Dictate your own pace and enjoy the tour of a lifetime

2024 Tour dates are open for reservations!

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