• What shall I do about flights?

Flights are not part of a travel package and are not included in a tour price. You are welcome to arrange flights at your convenience.You should arrive at least one day prior to tour departure and arrange return flights not earlier then after last tour day.

  • Do you have a shuttle service from the airport?

Yes we do offer a pick up / drop off to / from a Belgrade international airport.

  • Do motorcycles have luggage system?

Yes all bikes are equipped with panniers and a top box, approx 100L total. Often we have support vehicle so complete luggage system is not necessary.

  • Can you store any excess baggage?

Yes, we can!. We do this regularly for many customers and there is no extra charge for this service.

  • Do I need a travel insurance?

All sorts of things can go wrong, whether through illness, theft or property damage. In order to travel with a complete peace of mind , it is strongly recommended that you take some form of travel insurance.

  • Can I use credit/ATM cards in Serbia and other countries we are touring?

All major credit/debit cards are widely acceptable.If your card is encoded with PIN number you be able to withdraw cash from ATM machines.

  • What documents are required?

Passport and International driving license.

  • What items or expenses are not included in price?

-Food & beverages (except breakfast)
-Road tolls

  • Does Beyond Usual Motorcycle Tours require a group riding?

No, you can ride on your own pace and catch up with rest of the group at the end of a day.

  • Do We ride every day?

Yes, on our 3 and 7 day tours, longer (custom) tours might have rest days included.

  • What daily distances are involved?

200-300km on average per day.

  • What weather conditions can we expect?

May to September mostly fair weather (European hot summer).

  • Do We ride when it rains?

Yes! Please bring your rain gear as well.

  • Is it possible to come with own bike on a tour?

Absolutely! We are motorcycle enthusiasts and like to share our passion with others regardless what they ride.

  • What clothing and riding gear shall I bring?

Summer clothes for a day with a few long sleeve items for cooler evenings in the mountains.

.Riding gear:

– Helmet – full face recommended
– Light riding jacket
– Gloves – 2 pairs
– Waterproofs
– Boots


If you have any other questions or concerns don’t hesitate to contact us